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Create HDR photos and adjust them as a standalone tool or as a Lightroom plugin
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High-contrast scenes are prone to either overexposure or underexposure errors, resulting in, respectively, overlit or underlit shots that are far from the memories you have of that scene. Photomatix Pro allows you to correct all those exposure mistakes by merging various takes of the same scene and applying HDR to them. You can turn your badly lit images into realistic or artistic shots that are closer to what you really saw that day.

Sunsets, sunrise, interiors... are some examples of pictures that rarely turn out as they should. One way of overcoming this recurrent problem is to take series of pictures of the same scenes using different exposure values, and then merge them using Photomatix Pro to produce a more realistic rendition of your favorite shots. The program will use High Dynamic Range algorithms to take the best of every picture in the series to create the perfect photograph, so that all elements in it are perfectly lit and clear. It does not matter how savvy you are about HDR or the problems that the wrong exposure values bring to your pictures – this tool has been designed to produce professionally stunning results in a fairly straightforward and simple way.

Once the original set has been processed, the program will offer a long list of possible HDR-based results for you to choose from. The range goes from realistic to artistic, from natural to onirical, from surreal to vibrant, etc. The possibilities are endless, especially if you then use the many features provided to enhance, fine-tune, and retouch the different options to make them your own. You can change the contrast, color, and sharpness values to make your picture look smoother or crisper.

Alternatively, you can also use Photomatix Pro simply to enhance your pictures, correct common exposure mistakes, or to give them a creative touch. Besides, you can combine different scenes in one single shot to create a double exposure effect, and thus produce impressive ghostly or dreamy scenes easily. It does not matter if you use it as a simple image editor or make use of the full potential of its HDR capabilities – this professional tool is capable of turning your overexposed and underexposed pictures into the most astonishing shots.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces excellent HDR renditions of your pictures
  • Merges various exposures to create multiple effects
  • Full-featured interface
  • Support for RAW images
  • Realistic and creative settings


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